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Mission to build the worlds best cigar club

The Social House team is on a mission to create the ultimate NFT membership club dedicated to cigar aficionados and lovers of the leaf. It is the next generation in the member's only cigar club experience as we employ technologies, innovations and sustainably-conscious methodologies to enhance how our members meet, connect and have fun. Access to our membership can only be found on the blockchain as an NFT.

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This Is How We Are
Creating the Best
Cigar Club

Designing A Lux Atmosphere

This is your home away from home. Therefore, it is important for us to create and design a space that includes top of the line, beautiful furnishings, five-star rated ventilation systems and multiple areas to smoke, relax have fun, dine and toast to an
amazing life.
Enhancing How We Meet & Connect

Our core focus is to design a space conducive to forging meaningful relationships and business synergy. The list of club offerings are world-class dining, concierge, craft cocktails, rum and wine cellar, golf simulators, cafe.
Offering The Best Cigars

Our state-of-the-art humidors, placed throughout the club, will be filled with the best cigars from around the world. Our cigar offering will span from our own Society Cigar brand to pre-embargo and boutique cigars. Our staff will  help guide you in selecting the best cigar that suits your preferences.

Society Cigars


The Society Cigar NFT digital collectible grants minters access to a physical box of 25 Society Cigars. Holders will also receive a mint discount on the Social House Cigar Club membership NFT.
Society Cigar NFT
social house cigar club logo

Our journey to create the Social House Cigar Club can be viewed on our roadmap.

See our roadmap